• We are a dedicated healthcare agency that uses the science of storytelling to inspire effective engagement.

  • In a media-saturated healthcare environment, how can messaging be made to stand out? By delivering it with an understanding of the scientific underpinnings of storytelling your communications can cut through the noise and land with maximum impact.

  • Stories engage our brains like nothing else. Narrative helps audiences actively experience information rather than passively absorb it, and that defines the difference between communications that fade away, and ones that are indelible.

    We’d love to talk to you about how the science of storytelling can work for you.

Engaging Science

We are a team of healthcare strategists, medical and creative writers, design specialists and technologists. We love solving problems: we make it our business to understand your business first, and then we start devising solutions to your problems. And because we provide solutions, not just services, we have built up a wide range of capabilities over the years.

  • Medical solutions

    Our medical writers (most of whom are PhD-qualified) and scientifically-focused accounts team are really capable of getting to grips with data. That, coupled with their storytelling ability, results in compelling examples of:

    scientific narrative development

    scientific & message platforms

    advisory boards

    stakeholder identification & management processes


    medical/promotional (product) slide decks

    MSL materials

    symposia & meetings

    medicines-taking experience mapping

  • Marketing solutions

    Our creative team starts with insights and builds from there to recommend innovative solutions and science-based, story-led communications that will propel brands forward in the marketplace. We bring drive and invention to:

    insight generation & understanding

    campaign development, from concept to full material delivery

    multichannel strategic planning, execution & analysis

    congress stands, from concept to asset development

    clinical trial branding & education

    digital asset development, from websites & apps to AR/VR & animation

  • Training & education solutions

    Training is about more than just the transfer of knowledge; it’s about understanding what is important and unique about a particular piece of information, and about communicating that value to an audience. Understanding the science of storytelling is key to achieving this, and can be applied to:

    rep & MSL training programmes, including meetings, briefing/training guides and digital assets, e.g. app-based training with gamification elements

    eLearning for HCPs (with accreditation where relevant)

    disease awareness campaigns

    patient support programmes

    patient materials

Solving Problems

Scientific Storytellers

If you want to create a deeper level of engagement and lasting behavioral change then we believe you need a different type of team. You need more than strategists and medical writers. You need a diverse group of talent focused on understanding the best way to connect the science with the real world.



Case Stories

We cover global, regional, national projects on behalf of franchises, brands and new chemical entities. From one off projects to long term relationships. If you want to know more - get in touch and we can show you how our different approach changes behaviour.

  • Branding science

    We all acknowledge the value of branding a product, but what about branding the science behind it? We have “branded” multiple educational campaigns to create a strong scientific identity that conveys the science behind therapeutic innovations and provide a recognised and valued platform for scientific exchange

  • A liver story

    How do you translate complex trial data into clinical practice, particularly when the data challenges conventional thinking? We developed a multi-channel, evidence-based narrative that explained the data in a way that provided clinical context and significance and helped clinicians understand what this meant for the evolving treatment landscape.  

  • Adherence simulation

    In cancer you would think that patients would take their medication to ensure the best chance of survival. Our target physicians needed convincing that this was the case. We developed an interactive approach that presented a real-world conversation between clinicians about the latest thinking and simulated everyday practice

  • Grassroots cascade

    What should you do when disease awareness is poor or clinicians feel unable to diagnose and manage their patients effectively? Our solution was not to just educate them about the disease, but to provide a personal context and practical tools/exercises that drove confidence to change the way they approached the disease and its management

  • Representative science

    Our task? Connect 20 years of heritage, a diverse dataset including 28 RCTs and radically different data pipeline strategy. 3 Months, a dozen stakeholders and an engagement dashboard measuring the result post rollout. Our output? A simple serialised story to engage a global sales force

  • Oncology Community

    How do you interpret the myriad of data to ensure it’s engaging, relevant and meaningful to the lung cancer community? We developed a digital, interactive magazine that placed emerging trends into real-world settings enabling the lung cancer community to come together to discuss innovation in cancer treatment

  • Injecting experience

    Our customers’ experience is so important. So how do you get a large, international workforce to understand the roles various customers play in developing and using your products? We developed an online campaign that brought customer experience into the heart of the corporate culture

Partnering Clients


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